Weapons Of Orion

Debut Ep 'Idle Divine' on sale now

Idle Divine (EP)


Idle Divine is the debut EP for Weapons of Orion.

Purchase is for a zipped download file containing high fidelity MP3 tracks.

Official Release: December 09, 2017

Artwork by: Josh Hannigan

Composed and recorded by Josh Hannigan aka The Alien in British Columbia, Canada

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Weapons Of Orion is a Progressive Metal / Rock project that delves into heavy 8-string and drop-tuned guitar work with thundering rhythmic drum beats and melodic vocals. Lyrics are politically charged and explore the themes of history, religion, death, environmentalism, corruption and human spirituality.

Inspirations include Faith No More, Ministry, Kyuss, Deftones, Front Line Assembly, Tool, Rage Against the Machines, I Mother Earth, among many others.

From the Alien:

A lifetime of being conditioned to play it safe, don’t reach too far for disappointment will disable you, so it’s best to walk in the lines and conform to conventional wisdom. That has never sat well with me. Only after a decade of working myself raw to make millionaires more millions, did I realize that my dreams were larger than that. Money, particularly other mens’ money, was meaningless.

In 2017, my wife and I sold our house and made a home on the ocean. Now living aboard our custom 42′ steel cutter rigged sloop, we have made the time to pursue a dream of traveling the world and realizing our individual dreams. My oldest dream was to publish my music.

After 25 years of playing and performing, I put pen to paper and focus to intention and wrote, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered my debut EP titled Idle Divine. Born in ’81 and partying through the 90’s, music was raw and real then. Not overly produced, and in defiance of pop culture and corporate gains. Those are my artistic roots and the foundation for these works. Raw, real, no pitch correction, and no shits given about walking in the lines.


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