Weapons Of Orion

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Blown Away (lyrics)

Posted by on Dec 12, 2017

The sound it made, never heard a thing like that in all my days
Seized the handle, cleared the mantle
All the Memories – frozen there in time,
I point this barrel at the centre of my mind
The silence there, so pure and so sublime

I fill these voids with the violence of this crime
These blood stained hands, the mangled bits that fall away
The screams that echoed my dismay, I had to have it all my way

Hot blinding flash, all the dreams that have been dashed – they never mattered anyway
I dulled all my senses, and lulled all defences
All the memories – preserved there in the brine
I point this needle at the centre of my vein
The silence there, so devoid of any pain

I kill the noise with the opioids reprieve
this silenced mind, the absence of misery
The sirens scream into my haze, I had to leave it all this way

There’s nothing left to say, I’ve blown it all away
Don’t be sad today, I had it all my way
The memories will stay, in pieces where they lay
The memories will stay, in pieces…where I left them on the floor

All of these things that I never wanted to say, they’ve manifested in this tragedy here today
All the veiled attempts on my life all as if to say, I’ll fuckin’ blow it all away